Program Review at Pitt State

Program review is the periodic and comprehensive self-assessment of all degree programs offered. The Pittsburg State University program review process is formative in nature and designed to enhance overall institutional quality and accountability. The focus is on providing campus-wide input to help departments align programs with the institutional assessment process, institutional strategic planning, and resource allocation. Program review is the one major opportunity that departments have to conduct a comprehensive self-study in order to demonstrate that their programs are current, of sufficient size and quality, and help the institution serve its mission. It is also the major process departments have to demonstrate their resource needs and make their case for significant enhancements.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness coordinates the entire program review process. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. conducting the program review orientation each fall;
  2. working with the academic departments to prepare all program review materials;
  3. submitting Kansas Board of Regents departmental profiles;
  4. providing statistical data to departments being reviewed;
  5. maintaining the program review website;
  6. scheduling all meetings and the summer retreat; and
  7. preparing and distributing all committee documents.

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