General Education Goals

General Education plays a pivotal role at Pittsburg State University.  As a key component of undergraduate education, it furthers the University’s mission of “providing programs and services that create opportunities for students to develop intellectually, ethically, aesthetically, emotionally, socially and physically.” The overall purpose of the General Education program is to provide an environment in which students can acquire the basic knowledge and skills common to educated people in our global society.  To do this, the program provides instruction in certain basic disciplines ranging from the arts to science and technology. But it does more. 

It stimulates critical thinking and encourages decision-making free from prejudice or insularity.  It develops the ability to communicate effectively via a variety of means.  The program promotes ethical and aesthetic growth.  It cultivates an appreciation of different cultures and the rights of others.  In short, the foundation provided by General Education helps Pittsburg State University graduates lead satisfying lives and function responsibly in a complex and ever-changing world.  And above all, the program provides a basis for future growth.

Here is a link to 2017-18 PSU Catalog to view the entire General Education curriculum: