Accreditation at Pitt State

Several programs at Pittsburg State University have achieved and continue to maintain accreditation in their respective areas. Each year the Kansas regents universities submit an accreditation report to the Kansas Board of Regents regarding the status of those programs.

Discipline Specific Accreditations

We also hold institutional membership in many national organizations, as well as maintain numerous accreditations at the college, department, and program level.

Accreditation and Institutional Memberships

The Importance of Accreditation

From having established programs that are respected, recognized and supported by professional industries to being able to keep books in the library, accreditation is where it all begins.

Being awarded and maintaining accreditation is essential for many reasons:

  • It assures academic program quality through accountability to external standards
  • It provides public certification of acceptable institutional quality
  • It provides an opportunity and incentive for critical self-analysis and improvement of the institution
  • It provides a formal opportunity for external consultation
  • It enables us to maintain our eligibility to receive federal funds for student financial aid
  • It's often required by graduate schools and employersI


It's simple: without accreditation, we cannot be a credible institution of higher learning.