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Program Review Cycle

The program review cycle is an eight-year cycle as established by the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR). As a result of the 2011 Program Review Task Force recommendation, programs that are not accredited are reviewed first by an external reviewer and those findings are submitted to the program review committee. Programs that are accredited submit the findings from the accrediting agency. To lessen the burden on the department, and to utilize the most recent data gathered by the department, accredited programs undergo program review the year following their accreditation site visit.

The timeline for program review was rewritten to factor all programs being reviewed in the KBOR eight-year cycle, timing of accreditation site visits, and to balance the workload of both the departments and the program review committee. Programs may be added or removed over time.

Program Review Cycle (as of March 2015)

Each spring, a report is submitted to the KBOR stating the status of those programs that underwent program review the previous year. The report includes an institutional overview and the feedback that was returned from the committee to the department chair. 

Program Review Feedback (GUS login required)