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The Program Review Committee


The membership of the Program Review Committee is composed of the following:

  • 5 Faculty appointed by Faculty Senate: 2 Arts and Sciences (arts/humanities and sciences), 1 Business, 1 Education, and 1  Technology
  • 3 Department Chairs (Appointed by Provost)
  • 1 Academic Dean (From the College not represented by a Department Chair)
  • Dean of Graduate and Continuing Studies
  • Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness (Committee Chair)

Terms of Service

  • The Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness is the permanent chair of the Program Review Committee.
  • All members to serve a three year term.
  • No member can serve two consecutive appointments.
  • Members may not simultaneously serve on either the Assessment or Institutional Effectiveness Committee while on the Program Review Committee.
  • Faculty members must have tenure.