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The Strategic Planning Council Membership




Dr. Lynette Olson (chair)*

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs

Dr. Steve Erwin*

Vice President for Student Life

Student Life

Mr. Douglas Ball*

Vice President for Administration and Finance

Administration and Finance

Ms. Kathleen Flannery*

Vice President for University Advancement

University Advancement

Mr. Randy Roberts

Dean, Library Services

College Deans

Dr. John Thompson

Associate Professor and Chair, College of Technology

Department Chairs and School Directors

Dr. Amy Hite

Associate Professor, College of Arts and Sciences

Kansas National Education Association

Dr. Kristen Maceli

Associate Professor, Kelce College of Business

Faculty Senate

Dr. Brenda Roberts

Associate Professor, College of Education

Graduate Council

Ms. Shari Brogan

Director of Advancement Services

Unclassified Staff

Ms. Terri Blessent

Administrative Specialist

University Support Staff

Dr. Howard Smith

Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Student Success


Dr. Michele Sexton

Director of Budget and Human Resources


Dr. Dai Li

Director of Institutional Research and Planning


Dr. Jan Smith*                      Assistant Vice President for Institutional

(Planning Coordinator)          Effectiveness



* functions as Executive Committee