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Online and Hybrid Procedures and Documents

Online evaluations are only available to classes that are solely taught online or are taught in a hybrid format (face to face and online). The questions created for this type of evaluation have been written to reflect the online class experience. Results of online evaluations are processed on campus in our Testing Center. The evaluation form consists of questions and a space at the bottom of the screen for student comments.

Sample Online questions

After selecting your class (es) to be evaluated, click “Submit” – otherwise, your requests will not be saved. Immediately afterwards you will receive an email confirmation of your request. If you do not receive an email, your request was not processed.

Sample E-Mail Confirmation

Students complete the online evaluation through the GUS portal using the Ballots and Surveys Menu link. It is the responsibility of the online or hybrid class instructor to contact the students directly to notify them of the evaluation period dates and the location for completing the online survey.

Online Faculty Instructions for Students