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About Evaluations

Faculty evaluations are a requirement as stated in the PSU/KNEA and PSU/KBOR contract as part of the Performance Appraisal process. Evaluations are administered during the spring and fall semesters and the process is facilitated by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

Following the stipulations of the contract, the faculty and chair meet at the beginning of the semester to determine the courses that will be evaluated. Classes with low enrollment should be avoided because a minimum of 4 students must complete an evaluation to receive valid survey results for that class. The classes are requested through the GUS portal (under "Academic Administration").

The choice of instrument is dependent upon the method of instruction for the class.

Guidelines for Selecting Which Evaluation Form to Use

Instructions for requesting evaluations



Notice of evaluation instrument and evaluation dates are sent to Deans, Department Chairs, School Directors, their respective administrative assistants, and teaching faculty prior to the beginning of the semester. Weekly reminders are sent to all teaching faculty during these time periods. On-line instructions are sent to all on-line and hybrid instructors weekly during the evaluation period. Evaluation results are returned to the departments and distributed to the faculty after grades are turned in.

Exact dates for key elements of the evaluation process are set prior to the beginning of the spring and fall semesters.

In general:

Requests for classes to be evaluated are submitted during the first two weeks of the semester

Fall Evaluation Period is during November

Spring Evaluation Period is during April

Deadline for return of completed evaluations is at 4:30pm the Tuesday following the end of the evaluation period

Evaluation Choices


The Student Perception of Teaching Effectiveness (SPTE) has been used as the official evaluation instrument on campus for a number of years for traditional face to face classes. MORE


The Experiential Student Perception of Teaching Effectiveness (ESPTE) is an evaluation form for class settings such as labs, studios, clinical settings, practicum, etc. – classes that may have not have the traditional instruction classroom setting. MORE


Online evaluations are only available to classes that are solely taught online or are taught in a hybrid format (face to face and online). MORE